Welcome to the Military Order Of Solomon’s Temple

Angels are busyMay the white cloak remind you that we fight a holy war in all truthfulness, and may the red cross remind you that sacrifice’s must be made. We do not fight only against flesh and blood, but against those who would usurp the power of God through false religion !

As a knight, stand up for the weak, above all for women and children, widows and orphans who need your help. Avail yourself of the worldwide community of the order to correspond with your Brothers and Sisters and visit them whenever you have the opportunity.

“Chivalry and Courage” reminds us to have a sense of self control. The world is changing and old values are easily forgotten, instead there is greed and “what’s in it for me”. To overcome the desires and selfish needs that creep into our lives, we need to embrace the codes of chivalry and courage.

A knight will always be fair and just.

A knight will always sacrifice himself if that’s what is needed.

The Chivalric code teaches us how to be better men, old guidelines which we as Templars follow.

“Chivalry” creates a better order and better manners it inspires us to be a better men. We as Templars regardless of our rank title or position need to carry out our duties without fail and ultimately become better Knights.

“That is Chivalry”.

Courage” is to overcome obstacles and challenges that are presented for us to overcome. Courage is the person we are at every moment of our life, even when we are alone. The courage to look within and overcome our failings. The courage to defeat and conquer our targets. A certain courage is required for a Knight to be able to take responsibility for others.

“That is courage”.

Chivalry and Courage” are used to create a better order and inspire us to be better Knights. We as Templars regardless of our rank or position need to perform our duties without fail.

That is Chivalry and Courage

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