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Functional Instantiation

In Moost, the framework automatically handles the creation and injection of dependencies. However, there may be situations where you need to create an instance of a class or retrieve an instance at runtime during event handling. Moost provides a handy tool called useControllerContext to help you achieve this functionality.

By using the useControllerContext composable, you can access the instantiate function, which allows you to dynamically create instances of classes within the context of an event handler.

Here's an example of how to use instantiate:

import { defineInterceptorFn, useControllerContext } from 'moost';
import { DepClass } from './path-to-dependencies'

const myInterceptor = defineInterceptorFn(async (onBefore, onAfter, onError) => {
  const { instantiate } = useControllerContext();
  // Create an instance of a dependency class
  const depInstance = await instantiate(DepClass);

  // Interceptor logic...

In the example above, we define a functional interceptor using the defineInterceptorFn factory. Within the interceptor, we use the useControllerContext tool to access the instantiate function. We then use instantiate to dynamically create an instance of the DepClass within the interceptor.

Please note that this example assumes the existence of a dependency class called DepClass.

Released under the MIT License.