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Controller Metadata

In Moost, you can easily access controller metadata from interceptors or event handlers using the useControllerContext composable. This composable provides convenient methods for retrieving metadata related to the current controller, properties of the controller, and the current event handler.

Example Usage

Here's an example that demonstrates the usage of useControllerContext:

import { useControllerContext } from "moost";

// ...
  // Must be used inside an event handler or interceptor
  const {
  } = useControllerContext();

  getPropMeta("propName"); // metadata of a property
  getControllerMeta(); // metadata of the controller
  getMethodMeta(); // metadata of the current event handler
  getParamsMeta(); // metadata of event handler arguments
  getMethod(); // event handler method name
  getScope(); // controller scope
// ...

In the example above, useControllerContext is invoked to retrieve an object containing several metadata-related methods. These methods allow you to access specific metadata associated with the current controller, its properties, and the current event handler.

  • getPropMeta('propName'): This method extracts the metadata of a property with the specified name from the current controller.

  • getControllerMeta(): This method retrieves the metadata of the controller that is being used to handle the current event.

  • getMethodMeta(): This method extracts the metadata of the current event handler.

  • getParamsMeta(): This method extracts the metadata of the current event handler arguments.

  • getMethod(): This method extracts the name of the current event handler method.

  • getScope(): This method extracts scope (SINGLETON or FOR_EVENT) of the current controller.

By using the useControllerContext composable and its associated methods, you can easily access and utilize controller metadata within your interceptors or event handlers. This enables you to leverage the metadata to make informed decisions, perform custom logic, or enhance the functionality of your Moost application.

Please note that the availability of controller metadata depends on the context in which the useControllerContext composable is used. Ensure that you are using it within an appropriate event handling context to access the desired controller metadata.

Released under the MIT License.